Most commercial cleaning products sold in the market today contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to a person’s health. Having a clean house does not mean having to sacrifice your health and that of your family. With the ‘green’ movement currently gaining momentum, businesses and individuals are increasingly shifting to sustainable solutions for their sanitation needs. There are many reasons why eco-friendly cleaning solutions are a better choice.

Green Cleaning Solutions are Safe to Use

Products for cleaning carpets, floors and other parts of your house often contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia, methyl chloride and others. Consumers often do not find the ingredients on the labels of most common cleaning products. This is why a lot of consumers are in the dark about the safety of these products. In comparison, eco-friendly cleaning solutions contain ingredients such as lactic acid and citric acid. You can also switch to homemade cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice, among others. These common household products are eco-friendly and relatively safe to use.

Green Cleaning Solutions are Kind to the Environment.

The biodegradability profile of green cleaning products is very high, while that of standard cleaning products is not. The toxic chemicals found in standard cleaning products eventually find their way into sewer runoff and in the ground. These chemicals continue to pose a risk to the environment even after they have been washed down the drain. The contents in natural products, on the other hand, break down and do not harm the environment.

Green Products Make Cleaning a Pleasant Experience

Cleaning products with natural ingredients do not irritate a person’s skin or respiratory system. Many of these products contain essential oils and other natural aromatic substances that replace the strong and noxious odour that is common in commercial cleaning products. Green cleaning solutions are also less likely to trigger allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma.

Switch to Green Cleaning Products

If a product’s label advises you to use gloves and a mask when you use it, this is the first sign that it contains ingredients that may not agree with you. With green cleaning products offering so many benefits to businesses and individuals, switching to them should be a no-brainer.

There are many cleaning supplies that are safe to use for common household chores. It is no longer difficult to find natural cleaning products like detergents, disinfectants, and dishwashing solutions in stores with manufacturers realising there is business to be made in turning ‘green’.