High quality product made from carefully selected surface active agents, solvents, and encapsulating polymers


Soil and detergent residues are encapsulated for easy removal by dry vacuuming.

ZENITH has high level cleaning power and the low pH allows use on all common fibre types including wool and 5th generation stain block

ZENITH can be used with a wide range of machinery, including all single brush shampoo machines, the Cimex Cyclone triple brush machine, and a number of machines with reel or cylinder type brushes such as the Von Schrader, and the Windsor iRenew range.

Ideal when a faster dry than extraction is required.

Can eliminate wicking on difficult carpets, such as polypropylene with a bad history of staining.

Easy removal of detergent residues eliminates foaming problems if the carpet is subsequently cleaned by hot water soil extraction.

Economical to use – can be diluted up to 1 of Zenith in 40 of water, depending on type of machinery used.

Meets with the requirements of the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZ AS3733-1995 and AS/NZS 4849.1-2003

This product boasts Woolsafe Certification for use on wool and wool rich carpets.