Double your chances of a clean entry!!

The clean stride mat is the most effective way to remove any unwanted dirt from shoes. Doubled with the ‘Clean Stride Inserts #412’ this is a highly effective dirt and dust stopping mat.

Great for factories, computer rooms, clean rooms, healthcare facilities and more.

As foot traffic passes of the mat, the Waterhog surface scrapes larger particles, while the adhesive inserts capture the smaller dust and dirt and stops them from being tracked in. With two footsteps on Clean Stride over 90% of particles are removed.

The Waterhog range is all green friendly having 20% recycled content. The inserts #412 can be peeled off when needed and start fresh again. (240 sheets per carton).


Standard Mat Sizes

Total Mat Size: 674mm x 1613mm

Suitable Sticky Inserts Product No. 412 are available here: Clean Stride Mat Inserts No. 412

Available in Charcoal, Evergreen


Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric   Solution-dyed polypropylene, outstanding light fastness
Backing   100% SBR Rubber (20% Recycled Content)
Uses   Anywhere dirt contamination is a hazard. Walk through
Compound   Mat – Yarn: Solution Dyed Polypropylene
Durometer   65
Flammability   Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
Edging   Bevelled
Thickness   10mm thick
Colours   Charcoal, Evergreen or Red/Black
Warranty   3 Year Conditional Warranty
Design   Waffle Design