Cleanscrape is a stylish looking mat that provides top of the line scraping performance at any outside entrance setting.

Being probably the most aggressive cleaning mat on the market, its innovative grit surface effectively cleans shoes while hiding the dirt in the recessed channels. The surface also repels water and dries quickly.

Cleanscrape has a raised border that holds water and debris in the mat and off the floor.

The extra heave recycled rubber keeps the mat in place and the patented grit surface provides the ultimate anti-slip characteristics in all weather conditions.

The surface grit is UV stabilised and can be easily cleaned. Just shake or hose off.

The grit surface is not ideal for indoor use.


Standard Mat Sizes

600mm x 900mm

900mm x 1500mm

1200mm x 1800mm

All above sizing available in Colours: Brick, Chestnut, Graphite, Midnight Blue or Olive


Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric   UV Stabilised Grit Surface
Backing   Recycled Rubber
Uses   For High Traffic Outdoor Entrances
Compound   Tyre Tuff recycled rubber – UV Stabilised
Edging   Water Retention Edging
Thickness   8mm
Colours   Midnight Blue, Brick, Chestnut, Olive, Graphite
Warranty   1 year Conditional Warranty
Design   Cross Bar Glitter