Meet the original Waterhog. Ideal for recessed areas or throw down matting. Tough, long-lasting and proven for Australian conditions. Ideal for all weather and high traffic.

No other mat in the industry traps water and dirt so effectively. Rubber reinforced face nubs and it’s “waffle” design provides a crush-proof scraping action. The raised-rubber water-dam traps dirt and absorbs water keeping it off carpets, tiles and floors.

Waterhog Classic is ideal for most applications inside or out. The unique design and style makes it revolutionary! Waterhog Classic is anti-static, maximum average voltage of 1.6KV. Safe for use in computer rooms and around electronic equipment. Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber content.


Standard Mat Sizes

590mm x 890mm (Bluestone, Charcoal, Evergreen, Dark Brown and Red/Black)

890mm x 1150mm (Bluestone, Charcoal, Evergreen, Dark Brown and red/Black)

890mm x 1490mm (Bluestone, Charcoal, Evergreen, Dark Brown and Red/Black)

1160mm x 1760mm (Bluestone, Charcoal, Evergreen, Dark Brown and Red/Black)

890mm x 3000mm  (Charcoal Only)

1160mmx 2400mm (Charcoal Only)

1160mm x 3600mm (Charcoal Only)

1160mm x 6m (Charcoal Only)

1760mm x 2400mm (Charcoal Only)

1760mm x 3600mm (Charcoal Only)

1760mm x 6000mm (Charcoal Only)

860mm x 18.2m  (Charcoal Only)

1160mm x 18.2m (Charcoal Only)

1760mm x 18.2mm (Charcoal Only)

Also available in Per metre cut to length in 1100 and 1735mm wide – Charcoal Only

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Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric   Solution-dyed polypropylene, outstanding light fastness
Backing   100%SBR Rubber (20% Recycled Rubber Content)
Uses   Indoor/Outdoor Entrances, Walk Through
Compound   Yarn: Solution Dyed polypropylene and SBR Rubber
Flammability   “A” Rating of DOC FF1-70
Edging   Recessed or Safety bevelled on all 4 sides
Thickness   10mm
Colours   Bluestone, Charcoal, Evergreen, Dark Brown or Red/Black
Warranty   3 years conditional warranty
Design   Square ‘Waffle’ Design