Among the most important cleaning products are deodorising products. Bad odours are unpleasant to have in a home or commercial office or establishment. Sometimes, even with the most effective cleaning solutions, bad odours may still linger. To address the needs of houses and commercial buildings in this regard, Queensland Cleaning Supplies offers various odour control safe cleaning equipment for different applications.

Urinal Blocks

The cleaning supplies company offers urinal cleaning blocks, which work like a mild bleach and bacteria killer. The urinal block is environmentally safe and works constantly to eliminate odour-causing bacteria in toilets.

The company also offers a safe flush urinal cleaner dispenser, whichis placed in the cistern to release a deodorising chemical when the toilet is flushed. There are also the blockettes with p-Dichlorobenzene as an active ingredient to deodorise male urinals and keep the air fresh.

Liquid Fragrance

Queensland Cleaning Supplies also provides air freshening products to combat bad odours from tobacco. The anti-tobacco air freshener effectively masks and eliminates smells from tobacco and cigars. Customers can also avail the company concentrated deodoriser and air freshener in different variants, including forest fresh, tropical air, tropical vanilla and tropics air. These products are available as concentrates and are sold in bulk.

Auto Fragrance

The company also provides odour control systems or devices to automatically deodorise the air. Customers can choose from two devices, which include the automatic spray air freshener dispenser. This device makes intermittent sprays of 5-25 minutes. The spray frequency and time can be set and adjusted by the user. To complement the odour control system, the company also offers refills in various fragrances including country garden, lavender, lemon and lime and vanilla.

The company offers the Technical Concepts’ odour control system, which neutralises the air for 60 days using pure designer fragrance. The device can neutralise the air continuously without using batteries. Cartridges are available in blue splash and citrus variants.

Air Freshener

Finally, there are aerosol products available from the company’s online store. The air fresheners have a powerful spray action to get to even the hardest to reach places. The aerosol disinfectant and air fresheners are available in various fragrances, including exotic, floral, English garden and white jasmine.

Cleaning alone is not enough to make the interiors pleasant. This is especially true in areas such as toilets. A good dose of disinfectant, deodoriser and air freshener will help keep the indoor air always fresh and clean. Find out more about the best odour control products at