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Your team works hard, and things get dirty…But our industrial grade products and systems are designed to work hard and make cleaning up easier.

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  • From here we can discuss a plan to get you what you need

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What we do


A site survey at your site will help us to assess:

  • The safest & most hygienic dispensing methods available, often at no cost

  • Safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective products, fit for purpose

  • Lifetime warranty on dispensers installed free on loan

  • Rationalised dispensers = stronger buying power & simplified restocking

  • Highly concentrated products that will get any area clean

  • Free delivery cycles that suit your needs

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How our Products and systems

will help you

Save Time

  • Formulas that are fit for purpose and penetrate soiling fast
  • Dispensing equipment that is quick and easy to use
  • Cartridge dispensers that are quick to refill
  • Large capacity dispensers reduce visits to refill dispensers
  • Chemical dilution at the push of a button

Save Money

  • The most competitive pricing structures available
  • Lowest cost per use products available
  • Reduce waste with correct dilutions
  • Highly concentrated formulas and bulk IBC sizes available
  • Free on loan dispensing equipment available

Reduce Risk

  • Safe dispensing methods and product formulas
  • Sealed, hygienic refills Improve hygiene – reduce illness
  • Eliminate contact with undiluted/ hazardous chemicals
  • SDS, Wall Charts and Technical bulletins ensure compliance
  • Colour coded systems for easy product identification

Improve Hygiene

  • Dispenser systems that promote good hygiene from the moment you arrive
  • User friendly products that promote hygiene compliance
  • Remedial cleaning solutions for those difficult areas
  • Formulas that remove and kill bacteria effectively
  • Hygiene focused facilities leave lasting impressions

Save the Environment

  • Paper consumables made from bamboo and sugarcane waste
  • Environmentally responsible, waterways safe formulas
  • Water treatment plant compliant products
  • Compostable & Biodegradable consumable options
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) approved

Simplify Inventory Management

  • We can help manage your inventory
  • Reordering and delivery cycles focused on your needs
  • Range of options to simplify reordering
  • Stock takes, B2B, online, email or over the phone
  • Large range of workshop consumables
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“Their (QCS’s) wash bay products and degreasers in particular have saved us considerable time cleaning down heavily soiled machinery in our servicing department.”

Drew, Service department Manager, Mining Vehicle Maintenance facility

“Qcs have very competitive pricing on Bulk deliveries & work well with our receiving department.  The guys (QCS) work in with our regular site inductions & adapt quickly with our changes.”

Aaron, Operations Manager, Large engineering facility.

“QCS have worked proactively with our procurement department on many occasions and have proven to be our best option for facilities hygiene systems for the past 7 years.”

Tanya, Procurement Manager, Component Manufacturing facility

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