The bathroom is probably the most used part of the house. It is always best to keep it clean and free from harmful germs in order to maintain its pleasant appearance to both the residents of the house and its guests.

A more modern bathroom typically has a glass shower screen installed to keep the water in the bath area and not sprinkled all over the rest of the bathroom. They are deemed better than conventional shower curtains, which can be very problematic to maintain. Shower screens are very good to have in bathrooms, but over time, they can become very dirty and unattractive. Spots of water, scum and soap residue accumulate after some time. Cleaning shower screens should not be a problem, however, with these cleaning tips.

Regular Cleaning

The best way to keep the shower screen always clean is by wiping the glass soon after use. This will prevent any soap, shampoo and water drops from accumulating. The first time you use the shower screen, put a thin layer of clear car wax on the glass. This will make the glass easier to clean every time.

If cleaning after use is not ideal for your busy lifestyle, make sure to clean the shower screen at least once every other week. More frequent cleaning will make it easier to remove dirt and soap residue. Otherwise, it will take a stronger cleaning solution to remove tough stains and soap build-up.

Clean from Top to Bottom

When cleaning the bathroom, always start from the top areas. That way, you will not have to redo the cleaning if you happen to start from the middle portion of the glass or from the floor. Start with the shower screen first, then end with scrubbing the floor tiles.

Cleaning Solutions

Effective cleaning of the shower screen will depend greatly on the quality of the cleaning solution you are using. Choose mild, yet strong cleaning products that are effective for removing stubborn stains and soap residue. You should only use scrubs or sponges that are non-abrasive to avoid scratching the shower screen.

Always keep your bathroom’s cleaning equipment accessible so that you can easily clean the shower screen after use. After cleaning with a sponge and cleaning solution, it would be wise to wipe it dry. Moisture encourages the growth of mould on the surface. Keeping the shower screen dry as much as possible will help keep it from unpleasant scum growth.