Janitorial tasks are very important in keeping buildings clean to make them suitable for human use. Effective cleaning can only be made possible if good quality janitorial products are available. There are cheaper options for these products, of course, but the overall objective should be to use cleaning equipment that would last for many years. It is worth it, however, to invest in long-lasting janitorial equipment in the end.

For janitorial services and commercial-grade cleaning, cleaning implements from Queensland Cleaning Supplies offer top quality for best results. For more than 30 years, the company has managed to build a reputation of providing only high quality cleaning supplies. Customers have the option to avail of the company’s environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Following, is a summary of janitorial equipment provided by the company.

Floor Care

The company provides a wide array of high quality cleaning products for floor care. These include various types of mops and polish spreaders. They are available in wool, acrylic and polyester and designed for effective cleaning of floors.

The company also offers a wide array of floor squeegees made of neoprene or rubber blades. There are also various types of brooms to complete the floor-care line.

Auto Care

The company’s janitorial products include auto-care products such as mops, window washers, sponges, car detailing brushes and car care boot kits.

Janitorial Tools and Accessories

Commercial-grade cleaning will not be complete without essential janitorial tools and auxiliaries. These include buckets and waste bins. There are also wipes, cloths, sponges and scourers available for various uses. Choices include cloths made of microfibre and heavy-duty wipe rolls. The company also offers wipes for heavy-duty industrial applications. Cleaning would not be complete without dusters. The company offers feather dusters, wool dusters and electrostatic dusters.

To make commercial cleaning easier and more efficient, ancillary items are also needed. These items include janitorial trolley, carts, wet-floor caution cones, signs and room service trolleys.

Window Washers

Window washers are available for efficient cleaning of glass windows in commercial buildings. These include microfibre window washers and squeegees with rubber blades.

For effective commercial cleaning and janitorial services, high quality cleaning implements are necessary. If you are looking for a complete line of janitorial equipment, Queensland Cleaning Supplies can provide you with the best quality products. Product lines are made with the best material to enhance durability and efficiency in cleaning work. To learn more about the product offerings of the company, visit its website at www.qldcleaning.com.au.