Cleanliness is without a doubt very important in promoting good health in the home, office or commercial establishments. In business establishments, hygiene and sanitation are important to consider because the government is very strict when it comes to cleanliness in businesses such as restaurants and food preparation and packaging.

Queensland Cleaning Supplies provides everything you will ever need to keep your business facility clean and hygienic. The company’s products range from various cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, washroom dispensers, odour control, safety and protective equipment, rags, cloths and wipes, paper products, janitorial equipment, bins and bin liners and other related cleaning and sanitation products.

The QCS Difference

The company provides a free of charge site audit to help businesses evaluate their best practice procedures. This is a no-obligation service done by the company for business establishments, wherein a representative from the company will do a site visit to help you in your hygiene and sanitation practices.

Customers can conveniently order online and need not worry about minimum order requirements. The company provides prompt daily delivery to customers in South East Queensland, Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba. With prior freight arrangements, products can also be shipped to other parts of the country.

Customers can enjoy free on-loan dispensing equipment for the products that the company distributes. They can also avail of monthly trading terms. Other benefits you get from the company include product training for staff and employees, provision of signage, MSDS and labels in compliance with health and safety standards. You can avail free samples of most of the products being offered by the company. If there are items or products that you are having difficulty finding, the company can assist you in procuring said products.

Cleaning Products Available

Queensland Cleaning Supplies offers high quality cleaning chemicals for kitchen, bath and toilet, windows, laundry, floor care and carpet care. To complement the cleaning solutions, the company also offers cleaning equipment such as janitorial trolleys, squeegees, window washers and cleaning implements such as buckets, wipes, sponges and rubber gloves.

The company also offers other related products such as odour control products, sanitisers, paper products, safety and protective equipment, washroom dispensers, air sprays and convenience items.

Environmentally Safe Products

Where possible, the company provides environmentally safe products for customers looking for eco-friendly products in their businesses. The company is continuously expanding its range of environmentally friendly chemicals. Included in its range of eco-friendly products are the Bio Green cleaning solutions, which are formulated to be safe for septic systems.

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